Hello and welcome! I’m an entrepreneur and data-nerd with experience in early-stage startups. I’ve worked across product development, growth and marketing, business strategy and operations, finance and fundraising. Currently, I run a boutique growth consultancy and advise early-stage startups across:

• Growth Marketing
• Business Operations & Strategy
• Product Strategy & Development
• Fundraising

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Our consulting approach starts with the product. Your product needs to be something that people love, and we’re here to help it create that emotion. We’re passionate about customer experience, a key element of growth marketing. We know how to get deep in a product, including giving product feedback. We approach growth marketing through the product, with the customer always in mind, and with our ability to successfully communicate to designers about what the ideal user experience should be.


Prior to my consulting work, I served as the founder and CEO of Vive, an on-demand beauty services marketplace, headquartered in New York City with locations in New York, the Hamptons, Chicago, and Los Angeles. As Vive’s CEO, I raised $3M in venture funding, managed a team of 12, and also competed at TechCrunch Disrupt (2015). My team and I participated in Y Combinator (S15).

Before Vive, I worked on Wall Street at Barclays as a publishing research analyst, and as a product manager working with a team of 4 to launch Barclay’s Global Equities Electronic Trading platform in Europe and Asia. Prior to Barclays, I worked for a year in Bangkok, Thailand at a global sustainability consultancy across ecotourism, alternative energy and conservation projects in Southeast Asia. I graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. degree in Operations Research Engineering.

Outside of work, I mentor at Techstars New York and at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s summer Startup Launch Pad, a 10-week accelerator for teams of NYU student entrepreneurs. For fun, I’m a certified yoga instructor, avid runner, fitness junkie and surfer. I live in New York City and love the outdoors and travel, both lifelong hobbies.


Press and Recognition


New York Venture Fellow, 2015-2016

New York Startup Leadership Fellow

2014-15 Silicon Alley 30 Under 30 Business Insider, 2015

Top 50 Women in New York Tech, Built in New York, 2016



The top 50 female founders in NYC


How This Millennial Founder Plans to Dominate the Hair and Beauty Industry

InclogoThe Most-Talked About New Startups of 2015


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The Most-Talked About New Startupsof 2015

Vive, The Classpass For Hair Blowouts,Raises $2.3 Million In Funding

Vive Aims To Make Everyday A GreatHair Day

Vive, the startup that promised unlimited hair blowouts for $99, changes course


I have worked with Alanna as a close advisor to Vive Lifestyle as I invested in the Company seed round. Throughout our numerous conversations before and after the investment, I have been impressed by her leadership skills, including her ability to deal with tough personnel situations (founder “demotion” being one of them). Throughout the life of the Company, Alanna demonstrated very strong communication skills, being transparent and honest, yet caring. In that, she was helped by her ability to make data-driven decisions. This eliminated a lot of useless debates and focused the Company or the investor communities on the true solutions to move forward the business. I would definitely recommend Alanna, it would be a pleasure to work with her in any capacity!

Pascal Levy-Garboua – Entrepreneurial Mind

Alanna is an advisor for BOWTIE and also a friend/mentor/cheerleader and more for our company. Her keen business sense and masterful negotiation skills have been incredibly helpful for us. Moreover, her ability to understand customer wants and needs have helped shape our product in unquantifiable ways. She is a person who moves fast but also thinks deeply, an entrepreneur whom you can trust with a mission big or small. 

I strongly endorse her ability to sell and her process around building a sales team. Having watched her work on her own start up and see what she has provided BOWTIE, I can confidently say that when it comes to developing a sales strategy and executing on it, she is unparalleled. We are lucky to have her.

Ron Fisher – CEO & Co-Founder | Bowtie

I backed Alanna’s company Vive when I was an investor at Deep Fork Capital. During that time, we worked closely as her lead investor. She worked tirelessly to grow the service, and as CEO, especially in the early days, she was tasked with generating publicity and press, acquiring customers, growing the brand, leading product, and building a team. Alanna very quickly was able to handle all of these things and build a substantial following for Vive. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, even as the company struggled in certain aspects, she dug in to re-think product and pricing changes that could resolve their problems and handled all of the challenges gracefully.


Most recently, I wanted to single out friends Victor EchevarriaTad Milbourn, and Alanna Gregory as founders and CEOs who unapologetically came up short of their vision but finished the work they started with grace. Each of them, for months, initiated new meetings, lobbied for employees, communicated with investors, never once complaining. They will be different people after this part of the journey, no doubt about that, and they will have built new muscle to arm themselves for the next journey.

Adam Besvinick – Anchorage Capital Group



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